Self portrait - diploma

Szabó Amanda



Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem, Médiadesign szak



Earlier on I wanted to be an architect, so I’ve spent long hours reading about it and getting familiar around the subject. Later I turned towards industrial and interior design, just as both of my sisters, and took sev- eral courses regarding industrial design. Soon I found great interest in graphic design, as well. I learned thoroughly how to draw and paint in a tasteful way. These courses gave me strong knowledge and insight in design. It thought me to see the difference between kitsch and aesthetic. I’ve continued my studies with animation which took me on the way to my target direction. After all of these experiences, I’ve realized my final call: I became a media-designer/visual artist. I started to attend venues of all sorts and visited many contemporary performances. Working with dancers, human bodies is my passion. It’s a crucial part of my work and field to continuously broaden my knowledge and to be aware of the current trends; being up-to-date is essential, and not just in art, but politically and socially as well. I strive to combine my spare time with my work, thus achieving the harmony of creation and leisure time, in which I can function best. Learning never stops. Looking back, I see myself as an incredibly lucky person.