Petal Concrete Tile

KAZA Concrete

My objective with this design was to dilute the plane of the surface by soft, organic forms. I was looking for a pattern suitable to create an intimate mood both for indoors and outdoors.

I turned to nature for inspiration, and ended up applying the simplest of petal motives.I managed to enhance the rippling effect of the motive by adding a soft bas-relief to the petals for wall covering. The surface will appear to be moving when lit by a moving light source(e.g. approaching car) due to the „shell“ shape of the petals. Placed into an interior, static light conditions will constitute a slow-paced, pleasant background.

When installed on smaller surface, a single colour selection may suffice. On larger surfaces, however, it makes sense to exploit the versatility of colours for the installation through different colour tones of the petals and the middle element. Warmer colours are recommended for indoors, as opposed to outdoor compositions where colder colour temperatures can create a striking yet welcoming mood.

Designer: Ákos Horváth