Nanushka SS '15 Collection


Nanushka’s Spring/Summer ‘15 Collection draws inspiration from two sources. The collection explores personal transformation in the fantastical. The essential duality of the human condition is our ability to sense the physical world, and apply to it our intuition; to venture inward with a silent voice that guides us beyond the realities we perceive. It is in this silence, the world of intuition that we take our most transformative personal journeys. The collection represents an urban take on Mutant Message Down Under, a book which tells the story of a hidden Aboriginal tribe who call themselves “the Real People”. Using themes and narratives from this spiritual odyssey the collection gives mankind’s relationship to nature a contemporary interpretation. Another source of inspiration was the Flammarion engraving, a woodcut from the 19th century which pictures a pilgrim, who breaks through the limits of the existing world, passing from the known world into the unknown. In search of the absolute home, this will of daring to proceed beyond worlds is what links together the message of the engraving and the journey of the tribe. Designed in-house. 

Photographer: István Lábady
Styling: Anikó Virág & Ali Tóth
MUA: Berni Titkos
Hair: Márk Károlyi
Model: Svetlana Zakharova at Oui Management


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