Button Concrete Tile

KAZA Concrete

The design of Button concrete tile was induced by an experiment: it examined the development of a formation system created by objects pressed into a rubber sheet. The rubber sheet’s own physical characteristics mould firm forms and fine arcs impossible to reproduce by any other method. When creating the form, the objective was to minimize human intervention and leave the emergence of design to the materials themselves. The shape resembling a pulled-in button connects to the base layer with perfect arcs. As an extra compositional feature, additional dimension is added to the tile by a visually confusing characteristic, namely it is hard to decide whether we see a stand-out or depressed pattern from certain perspectives.

Throughout my work I seek beauty derived by noble simplicity. Forms created in the designing process are handled as objects resembling musical instruments that oscillate along the edges, and keep the bounded surface stretched. This tension triggers the atmosphere and ‘voice’ suggested by the design object.

Design: Codolagni Design Studio


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